Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Charlotte Mason Education Is Possible In Your Homeschool

Tired of being chained to expensive traditional boxed curriculum sets?  Have your children been rebelling against the monotony of workbooks and texts books that bore them to tears? Are you looking for a superior education that would stimulate your children to higher more critical thinking with subjects like Bible, world history, math, science, nature study, Shakespeare, composer and artist study, poetry, foreign language, art, handicrafts, music and literature? There is a better way. 

You may have read about Charlotte Mason’s philosophy of education and been drawn to short lessons reading books that inspire children to think and to develop the whole character;  the use of narration which replaces hours of endless paper pencil workbook pages.  Lots of outdoor time is spent in studying God’s creation to sharpen the child’s observation skills and to build a science foundation.  Children are not buckets or blank slates in which you must fill with dry facts and knowledge to memorize and reproduce on a test.  Children require vital ideas in which they may interact with to feed their growing minds.  

I would like to help you implement a Charlotte Mason education in your homeschool using Ambleside Online, a free curriculum.  The curriculum uses many free online sources as well.  I will show you how to use the curriculum and the free resources to plan your weeks, how to write lesson plans, where to find the materials that you would need, and how to get connected into the support community to help you along.  So toss out the expensive curriculums that leave you chained to traditional methods that do not work and find educational joy and freedom for you and your family!

Getting Started Implementing Ambleside Online Curriculum Seminar
Rebecca Miller, Homewood Christian Association Member
15 years teaching in public, private and homeschool
Founded and runs Mason Approach to Children’s Education Co-op
Member of North Houston Charlotte Mason Group

Room 109
South County Community Center
2235 Lake Robbins Dr, The Woodlands, TX, 77380

June 28

What Time:

Cost (Materials Included):
Early bird mail in discount: $10 per person
At the door if space is available:  $15 per person
Space is limited.  First come, first serve.  Reserve you’re seat by mailing a check to Rebecca Miller by June 15th.  Please include the names of those attending and an email address.


  1. Oh, shucks, too bad that you're so far away! It would be interesting to attend! I am planning to do more CM next year with the kids.

  2. I would love to have you here for that! You will enjoy the natural, gentle approach to learning:)

  3. Will there be snacks?


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