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Are you looking for an education that would stimulate your children to higher, more critical thinking with subjects like world history, math, science, nature study, Shakespeare, composer and artist study, poetry, foreign language, art, music and literature?  Children read works from the best writers that develop the whole person and inspire character. The lessons are short and varied without the monotonous busy work which destroys a child’s natural love of learning. Children are taught in a warm, intimate, environment with nature outings and field trips. Utilize narration instead of comprehension exercises; copy work in order to learn handwriting, spelling and grammar modeling; nature observation for early science; and literature, poetry, art, and music to give the children’s minds something beautiful to feast on.  A Charlotte Mason curriculum is geared toward building character through quality books, teacher guidance, personal habits, the Holy Spirit and personal reflection for each child.

Workshop Presentation
Do you have a homeschool group that is interested in implementing a Charlotte Mason Education but you are overwhelmed and can't figure out how to go about it?  I can come to your group with a two hour presentation of how to get started using Charlotte Mason's philosophy.  By the time you have completed the workshop you will be armed with the knowledge and materials to get you started in your own homeschool.

$15 per person plus the cost of travel.
Materials included


I will provide personal one on one mentoring for your homeschool.  I will help you to gather materials, create lesson plans for your individual children, and give practical help in the everyday mechanics of educating your children using the Charlotte Mason method.

$15 per hour

Every few months I give seminars to small groups of people in an intimate setting.  Discover how learning can be a joy for the students and teacher alike.  Learn how to intellectually engage your children’s minds with ideas from the best thinkers, artists, historians, scientists, poets, and musicians mankind has to offer.  Learn how to teach them the habit of observation and listening all the while sparking their imaginations.  Education does not have to be drudgery or cost thousands of dollars for expensive curriculums.  I invite you to learn about a superior  way to educate your children and discover this treasure at my seminars.  Private, public, and homeschool teachers are all welcome.  Handouts and refreshments will be provided.  

$15 per person

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