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  1. Hi Rebecca!

    You may remember me from past CM meetings before I moved out-of-state. I just found your website, and wanted you to know that I find it beautifully done! It is nice to see you sharing your talent with so many other home school moms!!

    May God continue to bless what your doing.
    Pamela Church

  2. Of course I remember you Pam. I have often wondered how your new life is going. Thank you so much. I wish you were still here? Are you still homeschooling with CM?

  3. Hi Rebecca~

    Yes, I am still homeschooling with CM! It has been such a blessing in our lives! There is a very large homeschool community where I live now and many of them utilize CM. Also, there is an Ambleside school here too which I do not participate in. I love CM and am so thankful God showed it to me years ago! It is fun and easy reading books and studying nature!

  4. HI Rebecca~

    I read your recent about the changes your making at home and work. I love your attentiveness of power and praise to the Almighty during a time of difficult decisions! Your an inspiration to many for the kingdom.

    I have some break-through science I feel led to share with you for your son, so please call me or send me your number and I will call you with some information to research. I am passionate about getting this information out and have stories that will encourage you! My number is 303-660-1771.


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  6. Hi Rebecca,
    I would Like to have one on one mentoring for my cm homeschool. Thank you!
    Sincerely, Veronica Gibbons

  7. Hi Rebecca, I decided to use MMM and we are starting at level 1... probably more for me than for my son. I've heard it's hard to pick up in the higher levels. My question is what do you do when you have a question? I've heard the Quine's are next to impossible to get a hold of and to be fair, they did not answer my email the first time I asked. Never got back to me. So do you know of any forums? I think I have already found an error in the student book and it might seem minor but with my confidence levels in math, I need to have some extra back up--a forum would be incredibly helpful:) Thanks, Jennifer

  8. Hi Jennifer, I don't know of a forum. Maybe I can help you. What is your question?


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